söndag 19 februari 2012

Little cloud print in the front!

I own ten of the faboulous books from Paumes. I totally love them, they are full of personal, funny, original homes with a lot of details. I decided earlier today to check out some of the new books, and maybe click home one. And I got a total suprise when I saw our print Little cloud on the cover on one of the new books! I almost fell off my chair! So fun! So now i really must click it home :)

6 kommentarer:

  1. I love Paumes books and have ten of them as well! So funny!
    I would't mind to have every single issue at all :).
    I can imagine how happy it made you to see your work in one of them... congrats! :)

  2. The books from Paumes are so lovely with their own unique style. Congrats on your print making it to the cover!

  3. Hvor sjov - sikke en dejlig overraskelse for dig :-)

  4. Jeg har "kun" to af bøgerne og drømmer om mange flere :)

  5. Hvor fint på forsiden :)..
    Uh også jeg Malene :-). Har i fundet ud af hvor det er bedst at handle dem fra? (Sidst fik jeg mine fra Japan, men er det bedst/billigst?