onsdag 15 februari 2012

My addiction...

For many years I have been addicted to: POSTERS! My heart says boom every time I run into a really nice poster. I am lucky to have a lot of (and really high) walls at home, so I can fill them up with happy, funny, beautiful, graphic, colorful, black&white and patterned prints in a total crazy mix! (So it was not a big surprise that my first owndesigned things to sell became just posters.) I really love the feeling of patterns and illustrations on paper, and it is a quick and easy way to change the feeling in your home and do it personal and fun with different prints on the walls. And I know that you are many like me out there! So I would give you some tips on really nice sites that sells a lot of cool prints.  But i warn you to click on the links, it can be very expensive, and very timekeeping ;)

Fine little day
and last but not least our shop... :)
Little studio

Down you see some posters I have (and love), and some posters I want ... :)
Just click on the pictures to find where to buy it!


3 kommentarer:

  1. Oj oj oj vilket härligt blogginlägg! Nu ska jag klicka runt!

  2. Oh thank you. I am very honored to be one of these :) Have a nice day x

  3. Thaanks for the tips! I just have to add my postersop: taulujatapetti.blogspot.com! There is new arriwals now, spring is coming soon!