måndag 25 november 2013

Mormorsfiltar- Granny square blankets

(just click on the pictures to come to the sellers on Etsy)

I really love crochet granny square blankets, (or afghan blankets as they also are called) and have two big ones at home that really makes me happy. I am also crocheting a babyblanket for our coming baby, 50 squares are finished, only 50 squares left... But it is 2 months until estimated birth, so I still have time ;)

Before I started on the blanket I was surfing the web for inspiration, and found a lot lovely blanket inspiration on Etsy. Striped ones, rainbow-colored, with triangles etc. I decided though to make a classic one myself, with different colors and black as a base. But I am very fond of all the ones above, and thinking about buying one also, so we have one for the bed and one to use in the stroller. ;) As it takes MANY hours to finish a blanket, I must say the prices on the ones I have found above are  REALLY  priceworthy!

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