onsdag 22 maj 2013

Open bookshelves

 Since I was 6 years old and learned how to read I have been a real bookworm. I think that read books has always been and still are my form of meditation. An hour with a book in a quiet place is reaaly calming for my mind. And also so inspirational for the brain, I often get so much to reflect over after I have read an intriguing book. 

I remember as a small kid writing lists with points about facilities I dreamed about for my future home, and the first point always was: An own library with books from the cealing to the roof. And of course also a big stair to pick the books on the highest shelves down (as often seen in old movies and fairytales.) I don`t think this librarydream ever will become true (but who knows). But I am very pleased with our open bookshelves at home. I love to see all the titles and their spines in different colors, love the feeling that you easy can pick a book down and read on their back, just like in a library. When we turned the shelves up a couple of years ago I tried to color sort them out at first, but I felt it was too perfect and organised for me, so I turned them into messy rows again. 

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  1. I too used to dream of that bookcase with a ladder to the top! We've a wall of shelves now, but not a ceiling high enough for the ladder!