tisdag 3 juli 2012

Little Studio shop is closing...

Picture from februari 2010.  Marit in action, styling and taking photos before the shop release. 

This year has been really busy for me and Marit. I have been driving my childrenclothing shop (LittleforMini), and Marit has been studying full time. Parallel with this we have done two big freelance design jobs and also been running our Little Studio shop. It has been a puzzle to get it all together, with work both night and days sometimes. Of course it is really fun when things is going good, but sometimes you must chose between the fun things... And now Marit is going to study again after the summer, 3 year education in Graphic design in Oslo, so we have decided to take a break with our Little Studio shop. It feels a bit sad, because our shop has been like our little baby, and we have had a lot of fun during this 2,5 years we have run it. But at the moment this is the right and only decision for us. We though both hope that we can open up a shop again together in some way in the future. But until then we will focus on freelancejobs and designcollaborations. So Little Studio will still exist, but in new ways and with other companies :)
The shop will close the 18 th july, so until then you are able to shop from our remaining storage.
We will also take the chance to say a big THANK YOU to you all customers during this years. We are so happy for all your kind words and support! 

5 kommentarer:

  1. Vad tråkigt! Men jag förstår, det är inte lätt att ha många bollar i luften samtidigt. Lycka till med allt.

  2. Så trist! Fast jag förstår er verkligen!

  3. that's a shame, i love your little shop. but sometimes life wins right? good luck with your work.

  4. Oj vad synd. Men jag förstår att det inte är helt lätt. Er fina shop, brukar titta in här och ååååa mig. Kram till er!

  5. NEJ NEJ NEJ.. Det är ju inte alls bra. Er underbara lilla shop... Hoppas ni öppnar snart iegn.. eller fattar nya beslut. Kram Jenny