onsdag 21 mars 2012

I`m longing for summer!

It was so good to take a break in the could winter in january and go to the sun. We was on Tenerife for two lovely weeks, it was the second time on the Island, and we will propably go back more times. Because it is perfect for children, and the nearest contry to travel to with with good weather during this time. And this is very important- that it does not take so long time to flie! Because I hate to flie, really, really hate it. I sit the whole flight with panic feelings and is not a fun travellingfriend. But when we land, and get the vacation, it is always worth it.

Yesterday I took me time to finally load in the 400 pictures I took when we was there. And I got a warm, sunny feeling when I went through them all. And felt how much I am longing for bare feets, barbeque evenings and lazy days at the beach again! But soon we are there, but this time swedish summer. Lovely.

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