måndag 27 februari 2012

Blog tip - Highwaydesign

Pictures: Highwaydesign

Another really lovely blog I read is the finnish/swedish Highwaydesign (written on swedish, jippi, I can read everything!!). Johanna, the author behind the blog, also run her own designcompany with the same name as the blog, making wonderful products. I have always been very in to clouds, and really love her cloud mobile. If I ever get another baby, I will buy one of those mobiles to hang over the bed, so cute! And as you see on the pictures above, her home is absolutely fabulous! I love all the colorful details on the black and white base.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Det är det finaste finaste barnrummet jag sett. Tack för tipset, jag måste genast kolla in bloggen! Kram!

  2. I love the contrasting colors in the nursery. So strong. Thanks for sharing. :)