torsdag 11 juli 2013

Turning 30- and feeling good!

1. Poster from Stillebenshop 2. Pillow from Finelittleday 3. Poster letter G from Stillebenshop
4. Vitra Wooden dolls, nr 1, nr 3 and nr 9 from Svenssons 5. Wallsticker week from Ferm Living

In a couple of weeks (5th august) I am turning 30 years. But no 30-year crise is coming as far as my eyes can see. ;) I think I have crised enough already in my life, and can really say that right now I feel calmer and happier than ever. And I think it will just be better and better from now! But more crises will of course come in the future. That is a part of life, and makes us grow. But at the moment I am pleased, and have nor time or lust for any crises ;)

Maybe I am to old to write wishlists. But to make it a little bit easier for my relatives, I have done a small list with lovely things that I have been longing for for a long time!

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